All White Wrestling Shoes 2019

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Verified Purchase I’ll start off this review mentioning that I know the general complaints about this shoe–that the toe box is so tight it is painful, that it is super narrow, etc etc. I actually think that overall, this shoe is perfect for wrestling if you have a relatively normal foot. I’ve always believed my foot to be wide, but after hearing some of the negative reviews I’m questioning that. The first time I ever put them on they felt very tight, but I loosened the laces in the correct areas and then re-tightened them and they fit beautifully. I have tough feet because I train barefoot in jiu jitsu, but I’ve never once gotten a blister wearing these shoes, even after sweating so much that they were soaked. You don’t want a loose fit in a wrestling shoe, you want it to be just right so you can be explosive. I think some of the individuals who think this is a narrow shoe may have needed to adjust it properly, but I could see for someone who has a *really* wide foot that these would be problematic. The only real con I could give it is that the front of the shoes (where your lagging leg drags as you take a shot) has started to rip a bit, but that has to be because I don’t just use these on wrestling mats but on a rug-like surface as well. Overall I love these shoes for wrestling or even just lifting workouts.

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