Asics Black Wrestling Shoes Best

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Verified Purchase I’ve been using these shoes for boxing for over a year now and they’ve been awesome! I was using normal Nike running shoes for years before that, but definitely felt restricted in my lateral movement especially. These shoes have given me so much more freedom in my movement. They’re super durable and super comfortable. Still not showing any really significant wear. I also have wide, flat feet, so these were a little tight the first two or three times I wore them, but they will stretch out and conform to your feet. After a few sessions, they’re insanely comfortable. GET A SIZE LARGER! I usually wear a size 13, so that’s what I ordered at first. But those were way too small. I sent them back and got the size 14, and those fit like a damn glove! I took pictures of them next to my size 13 Vans and my size 13 Nikes for reference. If you have big, wide, flat feet like me and you’re looking for good boxing/wrestling shoes that will last, these are a solid choice and a hell of a deal.

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