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[TNA News] AJ Styles to Write Autobiography VIP Ink Publishing announced yesterday that TNA superstar AJ Styles has signed on to pen his autobiography. According to the publisher, the book will cover his whole life from his humble beginnings in a miltary family, through his struggles with poverty, to his rise in the world of professional wrestling and his time with TNA. The press release also makes mention of Styles’ devotion to Christianity and further probing has found that the publisher is definitely steeped in the faith, so expect a lot of talk about that as well. No word on a release date or anything. I’ll be honest, I didn’t peg Styles as one to want to write an autobiography but I’d definitely be interested in checking it out as long as it reigns in the preachier aspects. There’s a fine line here and judging by the publisher he’s signed on with and his own religious beliefs, it could potentially overshadow the other aspects of the book (namely the pro wrestling stuff, which yes I care about the most). We’ll see though; I’m willing to give it a shot. [Extra props go to PWTorch for first reporting this and, in turn, bringing it to my attention.

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