Ck Wrestling Headgear Ideas

Call (888) 887-8893 for team pricing When you’re a spinning little whirlwind of destruction, you need the proper
equipment Description: The Cliff Keen Tornado Youth Headgear is youth version of on the most technologically advanced ear guards on the planet. Based on NASA research, it was built to be amazingly lighter and more comfortable than the competition. Those little ears will be surrounded by extra soft, yet durable foam. In order to make sure you can hear your coach at all time, it comes with Greater Audible Sound technology. Using Cliff Keen’s PowerTab strapping system, they offer full adjustability and a secure fit for all youth sizes. The Youth Tornado is intended to fit heads of 18”-21. The fit will largely depend on the shape of the head. If you are on the upper end of the size range, you may want to consider trying the adult size.

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