Combat Speed Wrestling Shoes Gallery

Verified Purchase I’ve been kickboxing for over four years but decided to start boxing about 6 months ago and learned that I’d really need a good pair of shoes to move in the ring. Since I’m used to working out barefoot I wanted something on the lighter side that wouldn’t hinder my footwork and have soles that provided just enough traction for a good pivot. These shoes definitely provide that and they really do feel great and breathe well. I only wear these when I work out at my actual boxing gym so they’re good for jumping rope, shadow boxing, ring work, etc but since these are medium tops I would not recommend for any sort of boxing/kickboxing boutique fitness program aka anything with a focus on HIIT work – these aren’t aerobic shoes. The only reason I knocked off a star is the velcro straps are a little short on length. I can still get them to wrap around my ankles but I’ve really got to give them a good tug to get there but then again it means they’re tight and I don’t mind a little extra ankle support. Also I typically wear a Women’s size 8 in shoes and got these in a 6.

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