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NYWN to offer premium content, video, and rankings You may notice something different about the content over the coming weeks here on New York Wrestling News – some content is restricted to only Grappler Gold members. We anticipate that this new feature will receive mixed reviews, as we all love getting things for free. This change is needed, however, so we can keep providing all the great content that NY wrestling fans have grown accustomed to. What will change? Really not much will change in terms of what our readers are used to seeing for free. Almost all the content that has always been free will continue to be free, not much will change from that standpoint. From a GOLD standpoint – we will produce more rankings, more consistently, and we will ramp up our high school coverage. In addition, we will have video coverage available with match video, interviews, training/technique, and much more. Why Grappler Gold? The reason we are going this route is so that this site can continue to run. For the last 5 years since launching NYWN it has failed to generate enough revenue to cover the costs of the business. From a pure business standpoint – a change must happen in order to not lose money on a yearly basis so we can keep this site up and running. Moreover, the idea is not to just allow the site survive, but to help it thrive and create even more create content for our readers. As a Grappler Gold Member, you have access to create a wrestler profile and will also have access to video, news, and ranking content from additional states besides New York. The annual cost broken down daily is around 20 cents per day for amazing state level wrestling coverage. We are very excited to add this new element of coverage to the New York Wrestling News and look forward to another great wrestling season! – The New York Wrestling News Team.

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