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EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! “Hard work will beat talent when talent does not work hard. ” We all know that over time, wrestling will give your son or daughter valuable life tools like mental toughness, discipline, confidence and self-reliance. Success on the mat more often leads to a long-term wrestling career. Programs such as PINnacle and MN Elite (in addition to PL wrestling practices) will increase your wrestler’s success on the mat and help keep your wrestler in this great sport. That’s why we are proud to announce our partnership with both training programs! PL Wrestling Club has partnered with PINnacle and MN elite to offer you outstanding training opportunities. Sunday wrestling training at PINnacle for the entire season normally costs $1200 and wrestling training at MN Elite for the entire season normally costs $650. Because our coaches’ value extra training at these facilities, the Prior Lake Wrestling Club will pay to reduce your PINnacle price from $1200 to $700; and your MN Elite price from $650 down to $325. How can you take advantage of this great opportunity and register? For MN Elite, go to their website minnesotaelite. org, click on the “REG” box in the Sunday Full Year Training (in Apple Valley). Enter coupon code PL to obtain your discount so you only pay $325. PLWC will pay MN Elite the remaining balance. com and select “New Customers” from the dropdown under Registration. Click on “register” (third box down) and reduce your cost to pay just $700 for the $1200 training. Both programs will fill up, so we suggest you register without delay. If you have questions about these programs, please feel free to contact anyone of us at any time.

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