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Verified Purchase I bought two pairs of these, one for my younger brother and one pair for myself. Both of these shoes arrived with immediately noticeable flaws. My brother got the red blue and white pair which, like my pair arrived with what seems like dried up glue in the grip where the sole and the lip meet. It looks as if these were loose or coming apart and were glued back together with some crazy glue. They did not do a very good job with this as there is glue residue coming out of the corners of the seams. My younger brothers pair also came apart after 1st use; the stitching that is directly on top of the toe area is coming apart at the seam with no explanation. I have a feeling that this company is purchasing defective shoes and refurbishing them to sell as new. It is a great coincidence that I ordered two pairs (size 11 and size 13) and they both have defective qualities. I wish I could give at least 2 stars because the shoes look and feel good on the mat, except that I (like most people) do no appreciate buying a brand new item just to find that it isn’t quality or new at all.

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