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2019-2020 Class Information These sessions are for youth wrestlers who seek high quality technique in a fun atmosphere. As a youth wrestler, it is important they enjoy practice and the work that goes along with it. These sessions will provide new techniques and drills that are used at the highest levels of wrestling but will also focus on base line techniques that have proven to win time and time again. These sessions will implement other aspects of wrestling as well including; hard wrestling, conditioning, weight management, goal setting, nutrition, and mental training so wrestlers can reach their full potential. The following are the programs offered at PINnacle for youth wrestlers. PROGRAMS Elite Youth – This stays the same as previous years, see how we decide who will be in the Elite group in the paragraphs below NEW!! – Youth Sunday – Ages 8-14 – We will split this group up within the practice NEW!! – Youth Monday – Ages 7-14 – We will split this group up within the practice Go to the Youth Monday, Youth Sunday, or Elite pages for information on Platinum, and Diamond classes(more than once a week classes) To increase opportunities, and attendance, we will now be offering older wrestlers to have their base day on Monday, and young wrestlers to have a Sunday option. This will also give Youth wrestlers a “make-up” day if they can’t make it to their regular practice that week. If you want to be considered for the Elite group, please register for that group. Due to the demand for the elite group, ride sharing will not be considered for entry into this group. The determination for the Elite group is based on technique, maturity, live wrestling, and work ethic. We may have a tryout for the youth group in August, or decide the first few weeks of practice. Youth wrestlers are considered K-8th grade. If you are in K-1st grade, you must have at least 1 year of club experience and have a basic knowledge of wrestling. The $100 non-refundable(after July 1st) down payment deposit will be part of the tuition fee. We have two different tuition amounts, the amount for paying monthly is $100 more than paying in full. Reminder- Even if you are paying monthly, full tuition is due. We are not a “partial” season program. All wrestlers paying monthly are required to have a credit card(or bank account) on file which will be automatically charged if we have not received payment by the 5th of the month. If you aren’t comfortable with having a credit card online, please email us, and we have a different option for you that will include late fees for late payments. If your membership type is yearly, and you want the $100 discount in tuition,then payment is due before September 1st. All times are subject to change, and do change from a month to month basis. The PINnacle Athletic Club(PAC), a non-profit 501c3, sends us to 4-5 national youth tournaments a year. In 2017-18 we went to Pre-Season Nationals(High School), Liberty Nationals, Tulsa Nationals, USAW Folkstyle Nationals, Northern Plains, USAW Free/Greco nationals kids, and Fargo Cadet and Junior Nationals. Some logos, trademarks, and content on this website are owned by Pinnacle Wrestling School and other partners and affiliates.

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